How to Check the Power Steering Fluid in a Ford Focus

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The power-steering fluid in your Ford Focus flows through the power-steering pump. The power-steering pump pushes this hydraulic fluid to the steering rack and pinion assembly to give the driver a powered assist in turning the steering wheel. If you are having trouble with your power-steering pump, have it checked by a professional mechanic. However, before you take it to a shop, check the power-steering fluid. Many power-steering problems can be traced to insufficient power-steering fluid levels.

Open the hood of your Focus and locate the power-steering reservoir tank on the firewall. The power-steering reservoir tank is a white, translucent tank with a cap that has the words "power-steering" printed on the cap.

Look at the marks on the side of the power-steering fluid reservoir tank. The upper mark indicates the maximum fill line on the reservoir tank. This is the maximum amount of fluid that should be added to the reservoir tank. The lowest mark on the reservoir tank represents the minimum fill level on the tank. This is the least amount of fluid you should ever have in the reservoir tank.

Fill the reservoir tank with power-steering fluid if the level is below the minimum fill line. Turn the cap on the power-steering reservoir tank counterclockwise to remove the cap. Then, pour in the power-steering fluid and replace the cap.

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