How to measure for a man's hat size

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Hats are an important accessory in any man’s wardrobe. They complete an outfit and have practical purposes. You can wear a baseball cap to support your favourite team, a fedora to stay warm and look fashionable in winter or a summer hat to shade yourself from the sun. Before you shop for hats, you must determine your exact hat size. Buying the correct-sized hat will ensure a comfortable fit and avoid unsightly hat marks on your head.

Stand in front of a mirror and place the end of the measuring tape on the middle of your forehead, above your nose.

Wrap the tape around the back of your head, making sure to place the tape across the wide part of the back of your head and 1/8 of an inch above your ear. Then bring the tape to the middle of your forehead to meet the other end.

Determine the measurement by looking at the measuring tape in the mirror.

Measure your head several times to avoid error, and then write down the head measurement.

Compare your head measurement to the sizing chart (see Tips) to determine what hat size you wear.

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