How to Put iPhone Pictures on a Computer

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Information created and stored by the Apple iPhone is typically facilitated by the iTunes program. Music, movies and information are almost seamlessly transferred during the syncing process. However, the pictures and video created by iPhone users is not moved from the iPhone to a Mac or Personal Computer in quite the same manner. When uploading pictures, a Mac requires a different process than a PC. However, both may be accomplished by most iPhone owners.

Attach the sync cable to the USB port of your computer. Insert the other end into the bottom of your iPhone. Allow your iPhone and computer to establish a connection. Do NOT unplug the iPhone until instructed to do so.

Allow iTunes to open and begin syncing with the iPhone. Information will begin to be shared between your phone and the iTunes program on your Personal Computer

Wait for your PC to recognise the iPhone as a storage device. Follow the on-screen directions for transferring photos from your iPhone to a folder on your computer. Refer to the tips and reference section for information on programs that may be used.

Disconnect the iPhone from the snyc cable only when directed to do so. Wait until the syncing operation has completed to unplug your iPhone to avoid losing or damaging data.

Attach the sync cable to a USB port on your Mac and to the bottom of your iPhone. Do NOT unplug the iPhone until instructed to do so. Allow iTunes to open on your Mac and sync with your phone.

In iTunes, select the Photos tab at the top of the screen. Check the "Sync photos from" check-box and navigate to a folder on your Mac where you'd like to keep photos in sync. You can also choose "All folders" or "Selected folders."

In iPhoto, click "Devices" in the list at the left, which will display photos on your device. Click "Import all" at the bottom right to copy all the photos from the device to the Mac, or hold down the Command key, click the individual photos you'd like to import, then click the "Import selected" button at the lower right.

Disconnect the sync cable from the iPhone only when iTunes indicates that the sync process has been completed.

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