How to make a homemade garden plough

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Garden ploughs make tilling the land prior to planting seeds much easier and can greatly reduce the stress of preparing the soil. Modern tractor ploughs, although effective and efficient, can be pricey, and sometimes not quite practical for a small home vegetable garden. Creating your own homemade garden plough is an alternative that is not only easy on the pocket but easy on the gardener's back as well. Simple supplies, such as wood and an iron shovel beam make this project a viable option for most home gardeners.

Saw the wooden plank down to desired length, around 3 feet long. Cut grooves into the cylinder, about 1/3 inch deep. Sand down and stain the wooden cylinders and the 2-by-4 plank. This will give the plough a more finished and polished look. Note that untreated wood can cause splinters if not handled correctly.

Draw a 1-inch circle on opposite sides of a wooden 2-by-4. This is where to insert the wooden cylinder, to function as the garden plough's handles. Drill a hole all the way through the entire piece of wood, entering at one side of the 2-by-4 and exiting on the other where the two circles meet. Insert the wooden cylinder through the hole. To secure the handle in place, screw the middle of the handle where it intersects with the plank. Attach rubber grips to either end of the handles.

Secure the two braces of iron about two-thirds of the way down on the plank. Attach and screw on one end only (on the same side of the plank as the handles).

Attach the iron shovel beam to the two braces of iron now secured onto the wooden plank.

Secure the bottom of the beam to the bottom of the plank by screwing the end of the plank and the iron shovel beam together. For additional support, screw in the sides of the beam as well.

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