How to put pictures from my computer onto a cd

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Computers can crash, which means all the pictures you have saved on your computer are at risk of being lost forever. Storing your pictures to CDs is a cheap way of backing up your files, ensuring no captured moment or family photo gets lost in the shuffle. CDs allow for mobility, giving you the option to open the files on any computer with a CD drive, but you must get the pictures on the CD first.

Insert a blank CD into your CD drive. A window will open with other options.

Select “Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer.” A “D:\” window will open and the CD should have no files already saved.

Open the folder where your pictures are saved. Hit the middle box in the upper right-hand corner to “Restore Down” the window, allowing you to see both the CD drive window and your pictures folder.

Drag the pictures or folders of pictures to the open white space in the CD drive window. Be patient; it may take a while for the pictures to copy.

Organise your pictures the way you want them saved to the CD, then select “Write these files to CD” in the “CD Writing Tasks” option bar on the left. The “CD Writing Wizard” window will open automatically.

Type the name you want for the CD in the text box and hit “Next.” Your computer will then burn the pictures to the CD, but it may take as long as 10 minutes.

When the CD is finished burning, the CD drive will open and a window will open asking if you want to create another CD with the same files. Check the “Yes, write these files to another CD” box if you do and hit “Next.” Otherwise, select “Finish.”

Take out the CD and label it with a permanent marker and store it in a safe place to avoid scratches.

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