How to Make Aged Chinese Newspaper Wall Finish

Chinese characters have a simple graphic design that looks impressive even if you do not understand what the words mean. Chinese newspapers on a wall can create a remarkable pattern. Use the Chinese newspapers just as if you were using wall paper. The look is breathtaking and unique.

Gather all your materials close to you so that you can start on your project. Put on your gloves and using the foam roller and clear polyurethane base coat, paint a section of your wall.

Place a sheet of Chinese newspaper on top of the wet clear coat and roll over it until it is thoroughly soaked and adheres to the wall. Repeat until the entire wall is covered. Allow to dry overnight.

Feel the wall the next morning. if there are places where the newspaper did not adhere properly, go over the section again. Allow the redone sections to dry.

Mix the glaze with the dark brown tint, 1 to 1 ratio is suggested. Apply the glaze using the 4-inch bristle brush.

Use the badger brush to smooth the brush strokes. Allow the surface to dry.

Apply one more coat of polyurethane to the wall to add durability to your Chinese Newspapers.