How to Fix Tears in Leather Boots

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Leather boots aren't just a fashionable item to have in your closet, they're also a smart investment. With good care, leather boots will last for years and take on a rugged patina as opposed to the haggard appearance of other shoes. However, leather isn't indestructible. It can still get tears if you, say, brush against a barbed wire fence. If the leather becomes brittle, small baby tears may appear. You can fix such tears yourself rather simply.

Spray your soft cloth with a leather cleaner. Wipe down the area around the rip or tear. Trying to fix dirty leather will prevent the glue from forming a strong bond between the pieces of leather on either side of the rip.

Pull the sides of the tear towards each other gently, forming a smooth seam. Squeeze out a thin line of urethane adhesive designed for leathers along the two touching sides. Smooth over the tear with a Popsicle stick or comparable item.

Add another very thin layer of adhesive on top of the tear. Hold the surrounding leather around the tear in place for five minutes while the glue sets. Allow the adhesive to cure for at least two hours before wearing.

Dab a generous amount of leather cleaner on to a cloth. Wipe down the large tear with the cloth.

Smooth out the sides of the tear, allowing them rest next to each other as closely as possible. Apply your leather repair compound onto the sides of the tear, as if you were spreading peanut butter over a piece of bread, using the included applicator stick. Apply a generous coat.

Place a sheet of the included grain paper over the leather compound. This will force the compound to match the appearance of your leather boot's particular texture. Apply heat with the included heating device or with an iron for two minutes.

Peel off the grain paper, and you'll see how the leather compound has been transformed into the pliancy of leather and formed a solid patch over the tear.

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