How to Retail Kerastase Products

Kerastase is a well-known brand due to the quality of its hair care products. It is a Paris-based company that sells shampoo, conditioner and other hair products, all of which are more expensive than drugstore brands.

Kerastase products are sold in high-end salons, and you rarely see them sold in supermarkets or discount stores. They have a loyal following, and it may be profitable to retail their products. You can't retail Kerastase as an individual, but if you have a salon, you can be an official retailer by enrolling in their salon program.

Contact the Kerastase sales representative for your state. Sales representative contact information is not listed on the Kerastase website, so you'll need to contact customer care at (908) 518-6825. Tell them in what state your salon is located, and they will transfer you to the appropriate person.

Find out the criteria for becoming an official distributor of Kerastase in your specific region. Every region may have different qualifications since they are under the jurisdiction of different managers, so it's important that you speak with the representative managing your area.

Submit your application to enrol in their salon distributor program. The application is found on the website. Wait until a Kerastase representative contacts you about the status of your application. If the representative approves your application, you may proceed to becoming a Kerastase distributor, but if not, ask the representative what you need to do in your salon to be able to retail Kerastase.

Ask the Kerastase representative about business guidelines pertinent to selling Kerastase products. Relevant questions include sales goals and quotas, service guidelines, and other information. You may also ask about rewards and incentives programs for becoming a top seller.

Buy Kerastase products from the representative and place them in your salon. Think of products that your customers usually ask for, and place your order accordingly. When you've received the products, try to place them in an area where there's a lot of traffic so that your customers will notice them readily.