How to Use a Corning Browning Dish

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Browning food in a microwave is an effective method for enhancing a dish's flavour and appearance. Since microwaves cook food at an accelerated rate, all food prepared in this way might not brown naturally. Using a browning dish ensures that your food is browned quickly and thoroughly. Browning is a quick alternative to frying, grilling and searing. Browning dishes are easy to use as long as instructions are followed and care is taken when handling the hot cookware.

Prepare the food that you are going to brown.

Place the uncovered browning dish into the microwave, and preheat it according to the instruction in the manual. Large dishes tend to take six to eight minutes, while smaller dishes need three to five minutes.

Add the food to the browning dish without removing the dish from the microwave, using pot holders or oven gloves for safety. Be sure to place the food in a single layer in the centre of the dish for even cooking. Cover the dish with the provided lid. Halfway during cooking, turn the food over.

Use pot holders or oven gloves to remove the browning dish, and place the food in a serving dish. Repeat these steps as necessary.

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