How to get rid of a fire extinguisher

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Fire extinguishers are important for the safety of your office and home. You should have an easily accessible fire extinguisher that everyone knows how to operate correctly. Also check the pressure gauge of your fire extinguisher often to make sure it's working properly. Use caution when replacing an old or damaged fire extinguisher.

Examine the pressure gauge on your fire extinguisher, which tells you whether or not the fire extinguisher is empty or if it's at the correct pressure to discharge.

Take the fire extinguisher to your local household waste recycling centre if it's not empty. The staff will usually put it in a holding bin for recycling or disposal by a specialist waste company. Don't just throw it away. The material inside is considered hazardous.

Discharge the remaining contents of your fire extinguisher if it's almost empty and working properly. Go outside to complete this. Pull the pin on the extinguisher, and point it down and away from you as you press the lever. Wait until all contents have been released before releasing the lever.

Remove the head of the fire extinguisher by twisting it off with a pipe wrench. This will show that you have discharged all the remaining contents.

Take the body of the fire extinguisher to your local recycling centre and place it in the metal waste skip.

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