How to Clear Documents From a Memory Stick

Memory sticks are portable storage devices that make transferring documents from computer to computer fast and easy. No matter how much a memory stick can hold, it will eventually need some maintenance. Occasionally deleting some of the files on it will prevent the memory stick from running out of space. It is a fairly easy process, but you will need to decide whether or not you want to clear the memory stick entirely or save some files; if so, you will need to decide which files to save.

Insert the memory stick into the correct computer port, and wait for the computer to recognise it.

Open "My Computer" from your desktop or the "Start" menu. Then select the memory stick in the list of drives.

Open the memory stick to view the list of all the folders and data.

Press "Ctrl" and "a" on your keyboard at the same time to highlight all the files and folders.

Right click on one of the highlighted files and select "delete."

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