How to Make a Pigeon Magnet

A pigeon magnet is a revolving motorised device with plastic pigeon decoys, used to make hunting easier. The real animals see the fake pigeons and gravitate towards the area where the hunter is hiding out. Buying a pigeon magnet can be quite expensive. Therefore, don't be intimidated to try to build your own. Follow these steps and tap into the online community of hunters at the links below, who could lend you support in the process.

Put on your welding mask and gloves and get your welding torch. Take the two metal bars that are to be used as arms of the pigeon magnet and affix to the motor. Use a fillet joint, which attaches two items together by beading around the area where they meet. For more information on weld beading see the resource below.

Tie the plastic pigeon decoys to each of the two metal arms and test in a place that they could revolve to its full extension without hitting anything.

Cover the motor and battery with a piece of tarp for weather proofing.

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