How to Remove Eyebrow Dye From Skin

Eyebrow dye, much like regular hair dye, has a way of finding its way onto your skin, and it can be difficult to remove with only soap and water. The pigments from the dye can cling readily to your skin, leaving you with a dark mess around your eyebrows that you hadn't anticipated. Clean the area by using an abrasive mixture that you can make with ingredients from your own home. Just a few minutes lightly scrubbing and the dye will vanish.

Wash the area carefully with regular soap and water. Wash your eyebrows carefully as well. This will ensure that you don't get any eyebrow dye mixture in your eyes, which can hurt and be detrimental to your sight.

Mix 2tbspliquid detergent, like Dawn, with 2tbspbaking soda. Mix well until the mixture forms a paste much like toothpaste.

Dip a wet washcloth into the mixture and apply to your face. Using small, circular motions, carefully and lightly scrub the area around your eyebrows. You may find that you need to rinse it a few times. Keep applying and scrubbing for the best results.

Rinse all of the paste off of the skin when you notice that the eyebrow dye has faded or is removed completely. The abrasive mixture takes off the outer layer of dead skin that the eyebrow dye has adhered to, leaving you with smooth, dye-free skin.

Apply a thin layer of moisturiser, as liquid dish detergent can be drying to the skin. The next time you dye your eyebrows, put a layer of petroleum jelly on your skin to protect it from eyebrow dye stains.

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