How to Dispose of Halogen Lamps

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With time, most light fixtures outgrow their usefulness, especially halogen lamps that emit a high degree of heat. When it's time to toss out the old halogen lamp, take care to do so in a safe and responsible manner. Halogen bulbs are fragile but are not loaded with mercury and other chemicals, as compact fluorescent light bulbs are. Many lamps are made from recyclable material and can therefore be disposed of without adding trash to landfills.

Unscrew the non-working halogen bulb from your lamp. Also unplug the lamp in preparation for disposal.

Wrap the halogen bulb in newspaper. Then place the halogen bulb in two plastic bags, since double bagging better protects those who might handle the bulb afterwards.

Throw the bagged halogen bulb in your household garbage bin. Halogen bulbs are not subject to the same hazardous waste disposal regulations as CFLs or compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Take your old lamp to a thrift store or lamp recycler near you if it still works and appears in good condition. Recycling halogen lamps in this manner cuts down on landfill waste.

Call your town's Department of Public Works and ask about lamp disposal policies for your community. Let the spokesperson know what your lamp is made from (i.e., plastic or metal) and how large it is, since some communities restrict kerbside disposal by item size. Then dispose of the lamp following your town's protocol for landfill, kerbside, recycling or special collection.

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