How to seal laminate flooring

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When you seal laminate flooring, you should use glue instead of the traditional sealing product, polyurethane. There are small seams between each laminate flooring plank, which, if unsealed, may allow water and dirt to penetrate. Instead of risking damage to your laminate flooring and potentially to your subfloor, add glue to the seams of your laminate flooring planks to create a tight seal.

Note the sides of your laminate flooring planks. Two sides of your plank have a tongue, and two sides of your plank have a groove. Lay your first laminate flooring plank in the corner where you want to start working so the tongue faces the wall.

Pick up your second plank and add a drop of glue to the tongue. You need enough glue to cover the tongue so you create a seal among the entire length of the plank.

Install your second laminate flooring plank to your first one by sliding the tongue into the groove. Press down on your second plank to snap it into place on your subfloor.

Wipe any excess glue with a damp cloth to remove it from your laminate flooring.

Seal laminate floor seams by adding glue between each plank as you install it across your floor.

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