Solution for Squeaky Shoes

Squeaky shoes can be uncomfortable, and embarrassing. Nearly everyone turns their head when they are in a store, and hear a loud squeaking coming from the other end of the aisle. Squeaky shoes can be caused by a number of different things, from manufacturing, to moisture. There are a number of different solutions for squeaky shoes that are inexpensive and easy to do at home.

Baby Powder

Squeaky shoes can be caused by friction between two objects. Baby powder can add an extra coating to the shoe, preventing the hideous squeaking noises that sometimes occur. Simply lift the inside sole of the shoe, sprinkle the inside of the shoe with a light dusting of baby powder, and shake the shoe around a bit to make sure the entire sole area is covered. If squeaking is coming from other parts of the shoe, such as seams, or the tongue of a sneaker, sprinkle that area with baby powder as well. The baby powder will also double as a great odour eliminator for the shoe.

Let Shoes Dry

Many times, squeaking is caused by wet shoes. After walking through a puddle, or getting caught outside in a rain storm, squeaky shoes are quite common. Let the shoes air dry when possible, or if you are pressed for time, simply wipe the shoes down with a paper towel. Moisture inside of the shoe can also lead to squeaking. This usually happens when your feet sweat. If you have shoes with closed toes, wear a pair of socks to absorb excess moisture. If you cannot comfortably wear a pair of socks, rub a body powder over the bottoms of your feet, to keep feet more dry, and prevent moisture build-up.

Use Oil on Leather

There are many squeaking problems associated with leather shoes. Do not use powder in leather shoes, as the powder will cause drying and cracking in the leather. Instead, use oil to moisturise the material, and eliminate squeaking. Use an oil made specially for the fabric your shoes are made of. Every shoe store will have shoe care products available, and a sales associate will easily be able to examine your pair of shoes, and find the right moisturising oil.

Super Glue

Sometimes squeaky shoes are a result of an error in the manufacturing process. Shoes sometimes squeak because the sole is not properly attached to the heel. Examine your shoes, and observe whether or not the heel is fully attached to the sole. If there are any gaps or cracks, simply fill in the areas with a light layer of super glue, and let dry completely. The drying process will typically take around four to five hours, but it is best to let the shoes dry overnight when possible.

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