How to Brace a Fruit Tree Branch

Young fruit-bearing trees can sometimes need support to keep their branches from breaking under the weight of their bounty. Thinning the fruit to only what the branch can bear early in the season can reduce this need. This thinning should be done when the tree is flowering. A pole used to support the trunk of a young tree can also be the basis of support for overburdened branches.

Thin the branches of excess fruit, especially at the ends.

Dig a hole near the base of the tree, taking care not to damage the roots, and sink the pole.

Cut the legs off each pair of pantyhose.

Use four of the legs to secure the tree trunk to the pole.

Hammer a nail into the pole a few inches above each sagging branch.

Tie one end of a pantyhose leg around the branch that needs support and the other to the pole above the nail. The nail will keep the support from slipping. If the branch is very heavy, use two pantyhose legs.

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