How to Apply Sugar Soap

Sugar soap is a powerful alkaline cleaner that can be diluted with water or used in full-strength form. Apply it in the correct concentration for each cleaning task. Large area cleaning projects like washing walls and floors can be done with a small amount of liquid or powder sugar soap concentrate. More difficult cleaning tasks, like removing cooked-on grease and food debris, might require using sugar soap in its undiluted form. Look for sugar soap concentrate online or at any hardware store.

Read the instructions that came with the powdered or liquid sugar soap concentrate to determine the correct dilution proportions for your task. A good rule of thumb is generally to use one cup of sugar soap for every gallon of water.

Cover your hands with plastic gloves and put on goggles. Move furniture away from the area you intend to clean or protect it with a plastic sheet or tarp cover.

Pour some of the sugar soap concentrate into a bucket and add the appropriate amount of warm, running water. Gently stir the mix together with a large spoon to dissolve the sugar soap in the water.

Dip the bristles of a nonabrasive scrub brush in the sugar soap solution and scrub the dirty areas using a circular motion. Return the brush the bucket to keep the bristles soapy as you scrub. Or choose to transfer some of the sugar soap mix to a spray bottle for faster application.

Wipe down all the scrubbed surfaces with a soft, damp sponge to remove sugar soap residue.

Cover your hands with plastic gloves and put on goggles.

Apply the powdered or liquid sugar soap concentrate directly to the soiled area.

Work the cleaner into the grime with a nonabrasive scrub brush.

Wipe all debris and residue from the cleaning site with a soft, damp sponge.

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