How to Make a House Smell Like Lemons and Citrus

Citrus scents are pleasant, and they've also been shown to serve as a natural mood enhancer. Due to the popularity of natural scents, many devices and methods have become popular for diffusing, or spreading, the scent of natural oils throughout a home or office. One such device is a reed diffuser.

Compared to electronic and candle diffusers, reed diffusers are a safe, inexpensive way to scent your home with the clean, fresh scent of citrus. They can be purchased at home furnishing stores.

Purchase citrus-scented essential oil or create your own diffuser oil by combining three parts citrus essential oil with seven parts fragrance-grade dipropylene glycol, which is available at most perfume suppliers. Combine in a plastic container and store in a dark, UV-resistant bottle. Add more essential oil if you would like a stronger scent, but be sure not to add more essential oil than dipropylene glycol.

Fill a glass bottle halfway with citrus-scented oil.

Insert fresh reeds into bottle. It's important to use fresh, unused reeds so that they can effectively draw the oil up through their pores and diffuse the scent.