How to customise football boots

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When playing a team sport, many athletes search for ways to differentiate themselves and one way of achieving this is through customising your look on the field. While players can't often customise their team shirt, there's often more leniency when it comes to your footwear. Customising football boots is one way of giving yourself a unique look on the field.

Customise online

Go to a football boot customisation website. NikeID and Adidas UK are two such sites, which allow users to completely customise the look of their boots.

Select whether you want to make men's or women's boots by hovering over the options at the top of the page. Hover over your gender and click to select footnall. Click on the model you wish to customise and a page will display a 3D model of your chosen boot.

Pick out a colour scheme for your custom boots. Click on the section of the boot you wish to change and select a new colour from the pop-up menu; all changes in colour will be reflected in the 3D model.

Select the "Size" tab on the right side of the screen. A menu for selecting the size of your shoe will appear on the left of the screen. Pick out your shoe size in the drop-down menu.

Choose the "Save and Share" button to decide between the various ways of saving your boot for later viewing. You can make a unique Nike account, add your boots to NikeID's user gallery of shoes or even post your boot to Facebook or Twitter.

Select "Add to Cart" once you are satisfied with every aspect of your new boots. You will now be allowed to check out and enter your payment and delivery information.

Customise offline

Change the laces on your boots. Most boots come with either black or white laces. Switch in new laces to give your boots a new look; consider buying laces to match your team colours, or just some bright neon ones to make you stand out.

Alter the studs on your boots. While many boots have moulded-in studs, higher end boots are designed so that wearers can switch different size studs to match the weather and the field. Spray-painting your studs is a quick way to make a set that matches.

Sew a patch onto the side of one of your boots. Many players put patches on their shirts or shoes to memorialise lost love ones or to support causes they believe in.

Write directly on your boots. Depending on the colour and material of your boots, you may find that using a permanent marker pen works well. Come up with a design, draw it a few times on paper for practice, and then recreate it directly onto your boot.

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