How to Make a Travel Brochure for a School Project

Travel brochures are a great way for students to present their research about a current place, a place in history, their community, or even a setting in a novel. They allow students to practice writing descriptively and use their organizational skills to create a creative, appealing, and informative product.

Look at a variety of travel brochures (many can be found in a hotel lobby or at local visitor's centres) to get a feel for what a brochure looks like and the various categories contained on a brochure.

Create a list of topics to include in the brochure and write the information to be provided under each topic. Some possible topics include: geographical location, attractions, food, history, people, culture

Design a rough draft of the brochure using a piece of computer paper. Determine how the brochure will be folded, then write in the topics where they will be included on the brochure. Draw boxes to represent where you are going to place pictures or other images.

Using computer paper, create an enticing cover that includes the name of the place your brochure is about. The cover of the brochure should contain at least one picture of your location and any short snippets of information that would get someone's attention.

Add the topics and information within the brochure. This can be done neatly by hand or the information can be typed out and cut and pasted into the form of the brochure. Microsoft Publisher also offers a brochure template that can be used.

Insert relevant pictures into the brochure. Brochures that are all text are less appealing, so be sure to add a lot of graphics related to your location to pique a reader's interest.

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