How to Set the Combination on a Kensington Lock

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Laptop computers and other electronic devices are highly susceptible to being stolen. To counteract theft, several security devices have emerged on the market. Among these devices is the ComboSaver lock, a laptop lock produced by Kensington Security.

The device consists of a cable connected to a four-digit combination wheel lock. You can reset the combination to any four-digit code once you purchase the lock.

Enter the current code using the four combination wheels. If you have never changed the combination before, the current code is the factory preset 0-0-0-0.

Push the reset pin through the holes on the outside end of the combination lock. Turn the pin to the right to align the two yellow lines on the end and the main body of the lock.

Keeping the pin in place, turn the combination wheels until your desired combination is in place. You may choose any four-digit number.

Turn the reset pin to the left until it pops free. Remove the pin.