How to frame newspaper articles

Yesterday's news is tomorrow's fish wrap. This has been said about newspapers for decades but what if you want to preserve the birth announcements of your children or that special family moment chronicled in the local newspaper. You might want to save the newspaper front page from historical moments.

The problem is that newspapers become yellow and brittle over time but there is a relatively simple way to pass your memories along.

Mix together one quart of club soda and two tablespoons of milk of magnesia. Chill in the refrigerator for eight hours.

Pour the soda mixture into a shallow pan. Insert article clippings one at a time and let them soak for one hour.

Use the tongs to remove the article clippings. Place them on several layers of paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Allow them to dry completely on a flat, dry surface..

Place articles into the frames. Secure the frame backs. Display around the home or office.