How to stop listening devices

With so much technology everywhere, it's enough to make you paranoid. Maybe you suspect that someone is listening in on your conversations or spying on you at night. Perhaps your parents or a nosy neighbour have been eavesdropping on you. While technology can cause problems, it also offers solutions. If you think someone is listening in on your conversations, there are ways to stop listening devices from working effectively.

Use a handheld bug jammer. Just turn on the device and hold it while conversing normally. These devices work by generating noise interference, which garbles any listening devices that may be nearby. They work up to 150 feet and can be purchased from any spy or gadget store.

Get a portable white noise generator. This is a counter-surveillance device that used to be available only to spies. Today you can get one on eBay, Amazon or any spy or gadget site.

Define a safe area for blocking the listening devices. Noise generating machines work by creating a perimeter of white noise that prevents anyone from hearing the conversation in the confined area. The size of the area is will depend on what type and how many noise-generating machines you are using. With the less expensive models, you may need several to project enough interfering noise. The more expensive models come with attachments that allow you to project the noise where you want it.

Mount the machine on a wall or any smooth surface. They should be placed on a wall or a window to protect against listening devices that rely on acoustic leakage, such as an ear pressed up against a wall, a contact mic, or a high-tech listening laser. You can hang them with suction cups provided by the manufacturer or by using mounting screws. Once the device is turned, all the eavesdropper will hear is the sound the machine is generating.

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