How to Replace Plastic Tips on High Heels With Rubber

Many podiatrists believe high heels contribute to major foot problems. While high heels are fashionable and flattering, they may put a person at risk for falls and other issues. One way to help make high heels more practical is to replace the plastic tips on the heels with rubber tips.

The rubber may provide increased friction to avoid slipping and injuring the foot or ankle. Some women wait until the original tip has worn down before replacing it, and some add the rubber tips to a new pair of heels. The procedure can be done at home if you want to avoid spending money at the local cobbler.

Select the replacement rubber tips based on the heel's colour, shape, size and material. The new tips need to match the old tips as accurately as possible. If your heels are a rare colour, consider using black rubber tips.

Remove the old plastic tip with pliers. They may break, so be sure to remove their pins by carefully twisting them out.

Repair the leather around the tip with leather adhesive or another strong adhesive, such as Super Glue. Clean the entire shoe and heel at this time.

Line up the new rubber tip with the heel. Position it in the correct direction and angle. Use the hammer to tap its pin into the heel.

File down the sides of the rubber tip with a metal file if the rubber tip is wider than the heel. (Sometimes you won't be able to find the exact matching size of the rubber tip.)