How to get rid of white moles on the face

The medical term for a mole is "Nevus" and its plural form is "Nevi." Moles are usually a brown or dark colour. But they can also be a light pink or even white. When you have discovered you have a white mole on your face, you should treat it just as you would any other mole. Sometimes, if you find a mole unattractive or bothersome, getting rid of it is necessary.

Apply some bloodroot salve to the mole. The world-renowned Dr. Andrew Weil states about bloodroot: "The red juice from the root is poisonous when taken internally, but used externally has a unique ability to dissolve abnormal growth without disturbing normal tissue."

Use a Q-tip or your pinky finger to cover the mole with the bloodroot salve.

Apply a bandage over the mole covered in bloodroot. This is so it will not get wiped away.

Remove the bandage every two days to apply fresh bloodroot, then put a new bandage over it.

Repeat this process until the mole has receded to the same level as the surrounding skin on your face.

Try applying flaxseed oil to a mole every day. You will need to mix the flaxseed with honey. Do this until the mole is gone.

Crushing up garlic into a past and putting it on your mole will help. You will need to do it daily, for a few weeks up to a month, until the mole goes away.

Resort to cosmetic surgery. If all other remedies fail, you can have surgery to get rid of the mole. Visit your dermatologist to discuss the process and the effects of surgery to see if it is right for you. Different surgical techniques are available for you to choose from.

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