How to Mark on Black Fabric

Black fabric poses a challenge for those who want to embellish it with a pen, marker or other writing utensil. The best way to write or draw on black fabric is to use a fabric marker for permanent markings and a chalk pencil or hem marker for temporary markings. The latter is often washable and ideal for marking where you want to sew or cut a hem.

Draw designs on black fabric using a white, yellow or metallic (silver, bronze, gold) fabric marker. You also can use a paint pen in these colours, which you can purchase at your local craft store. Use a variety of colours and also consider using stencils to design a border on the fabric.

Make hem marks with a chalk pencil or hem marker. You can purchase these items online or at your local sewing store. The pencils and markers are often washable or dissolve after a certain amount of time.

Draw on the fabric with a liquid appliqué marker. You can write, draw and design easily with this unique marker, but you will need a special heat gun to set the ink and to make it rise. Follow the instructions for use on the heat gun packaging. The gun will create an embossed look on the fabric.

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