How to make money recycling plastic & glass

Plastic and glass can collect over time and simply throwing it away might end up being a potential waste of, well, lots of things. Recycling has encouraging rewards that you may not be aware of.

This small act can benefit the environment, give you some extra pocket cash, and might end up encouraging the rest of the public to follow your lead. You can be as creative as you like recycling items like plastic and glass.

Read the labels on the containers of your plastic and glass. There may be directions on how to send them back to the specific retailers to earn some cash rewards. There will be a specific number on your container that will show how easily it can be recycled. Numbers 1 through 7 are usually accepted by facilities.

Sell the bottles that can't be returned in a local garage sale. Pick out the still functional and attractive containers. Thoroughly wash them out by hand using dish washing liquid and water. Lay out to air dry. Stick on price tags at the bottom of the bottles and display them in groups on a table for your neighbours to view and buy.

Auction your glass and plastics as scrap metal to interested online buyers. Navigate recycling auction sites. Create an account with the one that best suits your niche materials. Give buyers little deals, like discounting the prices if they purchase items sold in bundles. Small incentives will encourage the auction's success.

Recreate your items with other materials lying around your house. Collect neglected book covers, broken jewellery, and nails. Hot glue the trinkets to your plastic and glass items. Turn them into eccentric pencil holders or vases. Sign up for the next local art festival and display and sell the creations there.

Make a small home-business on the side to recycle all of your excess material. Build a nice recycling website representing all of the glass and plastics you're trying to resell. Include a detailed introduction of who you are, where the products come from, and why you recycle. Print out your own business cards to spread the word.