How to Draw Christ's Crown of Thorns

Jesus' Crown of Thorns is often viewed as the symbol of sacrifice and love by Christians. The Crown of Thorns was literally long thorn branches woven together in a circle to create a "crown." The soldiers of Pilate made the crown and stuck it on Jesus' head during the Passion.

There are thousands of beautiful artworks depicting Jesus during the Passion, and you can learn to draw the Crown of Thorns for your own.

Draw a very light oval with the pencil.

"Weave" the pencil slightly in and out around the oval to create the branches of the crown.

Repeat steps 2 two more times to get the complete, detailed crown.

Draw small triangular thorns throughout the woven pencil marks.

Colour over the pencil drawing with a very sharp coloured pencil. Colour in the thorns as well. Darken the sides of the thorns to highlight the crown.