How to name a star in memory of a loved one

There are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of Earth. Who names them? Officially, the International Astronomical Union is the only authority on naming stars, and they do it only for scientific purposes.

Unofficially, a number of businesses will name a star for consumers as a novelty gift. Among the most popular is the International Star Registry.

Go to

Select the "Name a Star" link. You will be given different package options that include framed and unframed certificates and star charts. Select the one you want.

Enter your star name and select "Memorial" to name a star in honour of a loved one.

Choose your constellation. Have the International Star Registry name one for you or choose your own, perhaps based on astronomical signs or region.

Enter your shipping information and continue. Include any other options you would like and continue.

Proceed to checkout. Enter your billing information and shipping choice and confirm your order. Your star certificate will arrive in the mail.