How to troubleshoot a Fuji FinePix camera


Fuji FinePix cameras are known for their outstanding dynamic range and unique sensor. These fast, responsive cameras can cope with many situations that lesser cameras cannot, including high-contrast shooting. However, any digital camera may encounter problems along the way, and troubleshooting these complex pieces of hardware isn't always easy. Here are a few basic maintenance procedures to help you troubleshoot a Fuji FinePix camera.

Check the charge on your camera battery. Battery drain can cause the camera to function poorly or not at all. Replace the battery with a freshly charged battery or rechargeable battery pack, and retry the camera.

Check for memory card errors. Remove the memory card and make sure that the card is not write protected, by checking the write protect switch on the card. Reinsert the memory card to make sure it is properly seated in the camera, then turn the camera on.

If errors continue, format the memory card -- this will erase all current images on the card, so before you begin, back up all camera images to an external source, such as a computer or hard drive. To format the card, press the Menu button and select the Set Up option. Scroll to the Format option; press OK to format your card and clear all stored data.

Reset the camera to erase all preset shooting options and restore the camera to factory settings. Press the Menu button, then select the Set Up option. Select Reset to reset the camera options.

If these steps fail to correct your problem, contact Fuji Technical Support (see Resources).

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