How to Open the Trunk in a Mazda 6

You might be red in the face trying to open the boot of your Mazda 6, but you're probably not the first person to find this an overly complex task. There are two methods: using your keyless entry system transmitter or using the release button inside the car. What's probably causing you trouble is that your car is turned on (if you're trying to use the remote), or your car is not in park (if you're trying to press the release button).

Turn the Mazda 6 ignition to the "Off" position.

Press and hold the boot button on your remote.

Release the boot button when the boot lid opens.

Apply the parking brake on your Mazda 6 (manual transmission) or place the car in "Park" (automatic transmission) if your ignition is turned on. If your car is turned off, skip to Step 2.

Locate the boot lid release button inside the car. If you're sitting in the driver's seat, you will find the button to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard underneath the gauges.

Push the release button with your finger to open the boot lid.

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