How to repair patent leather shoe scuffs

Andriy Bandurenko/iStock/Getty Images

When normal leather shoes become scuffed, a thorough cleaning or conditioning will usually get rid of the scuffs. With patent leather shoes, that treatment just doesn't work.

The shiny surface of patent leather becomes dull when conditioned and doesn't respond to the same cleaning techniques that work for leather or suede. Remove scuff marks from your patent leather shoes by using techniques and supplies that work most effectively for the material.

Rub an art eraser over the scuffs on your patent leather shoes. Move the pliable eraser in the direction of the scuffs.

Dab a cotton wool ball into some rubbing alcohol. Swipe the cotton wool over the remaining scuffs to remove scuffs as well as any residue from the art eraser.

Pour a coin-sized amount of mineral oil onto a soft, microfibre cloth. Rub the oil into the site of the scuff on your shoes.

Move to a clean portion of the microfibre cloth. Buff your patent leather shoes at the site of the scuffs, as well as all over, to polish and shine the surface.