How to Overcome Tiredness From Vesicare

Vesicare is an oral medication that treats symptoms and problems of an overactive bladder. It blocks chemicals in the body that spur the need to urinate. While Vesicare is helpful in treating problems caused by overactive bladders, it does come with certain side effects, including tiredness.

The following tips can help you overcome the tiredness and fatigue associated with taking Vesicare.

Talk to your doctor first to ensure that Vesicare isn't reacting with any other prescription or over-the-counter drugs or vitamins you might be taking, exacerbating the feeling of tiredness. Always seek immediate medical attention if your tiredness becomes severe enough to impact your ability to perform regular daily activities.

Maintain a healthy diet while you are taking Vesicare, including lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and reduce your intake of sugar, processed foods and red meat. Try taking the medication with and without food and see if one or the other works better for you. Likewise, drink a lot of water; hydration provides energy, and dehydration can wear you out even more.

Stay active. While you may want to sit on the couch all day when your medication makes you tired, the best thing you can do is move: take a walk, do some stretching or go for a bike ride. Regular exercise increases your energy level while promoting better health.

Make sure you get a solid eight hours of sleep each night as your body adjusts to taking Vesicare. Make a good night's sleep a priority for your body.