How to Do a Wooden Barrel Puzzle

A wooden barrel puzzle is a challenging exercise in analytical thinking. The interlocking wooden pieces fit together into the shape of a barrel which makes assembling and disassembling the puzzle difficult.

Search the Internet for wooden barrel puzzle solutions. Several sites offer images depicting the correct steps to taking the puzzle apart or putting it back together again. See the Resources section of this article to get started. Print the puzzle solution for easy reference.

Find a quiet place to work the puzzle.

Review the puzzle solution instructions on how to disassemble the puzzle. Make note of places that seem challenging or confusing. Make reference to pieces of the barrel that may be difficult to take apart.

Remove the vertical side piece that looks like a double sided hammer with the barrel standing on its base. Place this piece on a flat surface beside your barrel. Start a line for the subsequent pieces you remove.

Number your wooden barrel puzzle pieces with a pencil as you disassemble the puzzle. Number each piece you remove as you move forward. Numbering allows you to more effectively approach the reassembly of the puzzle.

Remove the smaller of the half-circle side pieces. Place the piece beside the first piece. Pull out the two-pronged fork-shaped piece from the puzzle to release the larger half-circle side piece, then remove each piece and place them in the row of pieces. Push out the small dumbbell-shape piece and place it to the right of the larger half-circle piece.

Remove the two centre vertical supports by sliding them through the openings created on the respective side of the barrel. Place the removed pieces to the right of the smaller dumbbell-shape piece. Separate the upper and lower halves of the barrel and place them to the right of the two centre vertical support pieces.

Make a checklist of your numbered pieces. Order the checklist in reverse starting with the last puzzle piece removed. Use this checklist to cross off the puzzle pieces as you reassemble the puzzle. Reassemble the puzzle in reverse order, starting with the last piece you removed.

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