How to Set Up a 2005 Weight Watchers Pedometer

Weight Watchers endorses several different pedometers with a variety of features but all of them do the basic job of keeping track of the steps you take. The basic model is a Walk4Life DUO pedometer. It does not count the number of calories you burn, but it does have a delayed reset feature that helps to prevent you from accidentally erasing your step count during the day. Weight Watchers also recommends the New-Lifestyles NL-2000 Pedometer that is offered for overweight walkers.

The most basic Weight Watchers Pedometer (Walk4Life DUO) does not calculate the number of calories you are burning so you do not have to concern yourself with setting up this feature. To set up the step counter feature, press the reset button to bring the readout to zero.

You can set the pedometer to count either steps or miles with a press of the mode button.

This model has a timer/step counter feature that helps you keep track of how long you were moving around so you can see how long it takes you to reach a specific goal such as 10,000 steps a day.

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