How to Pair a Mercedes Bluetooth

Many states now mandate using hands-free devices when calling while driving. Pairing a Mercedes Bluetooth receiver with your cell phone enables safe, hands-free phone operation through your car's built-in speakers and microphone while driving. With a few simple steps, you can easily pair your Mercedes-Benz automobile's hands-free system with any Bluetooth enabled phone.

Select the "Bluetooth" option from your cell phone's "Settings" menu and choose its "Discover" mode.

Press the "TEL" key on the car's radio to activate the telephone screen on the car's display.

Press the "Phone List" option on the Mercedes-Benz display and then select the "Update" option.

Choose the phone that is in discovery mode by tapping its name on the car display panel.

Create and enter a passcode four to 16 digits long in the Mercedes-Benz hand-free system and confirm the code by selecting "OK,"

Enter the passcode on your cell phone when promoted, watching for a pop-up window confirmation notice entitled, "Authorization procedure successful."

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