How to Keep a Dog's Hair White

Keeping a white dog white can be a challenge. Often after giving your dog a bath, the next day he is dingy and dirty again. You can only bathe your dog so much without irritating the skin and stressing out your canine friend.

To freshen up and whiten your dog's appearance, there are a few things to consider for those in-between bath times.

Bathe your white dog at least once a month. Use a bluing shampoo to whiten the fur. If your dog has sensitive skin, as white-furred dogs often do, use a non-soap shampoo. Thoroughly saturate your dog with warm water in your chosen bath spot, lather up with your favourite doggy shampoo, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry with a warm, fluffy towel. A bath alone will whiten your dog and freshen his doggy smell.

Sprinkle some cornflour or baby powder onto your white dog's coat in between baths. Fluff the powder or cornflour gently into the coat covering the skin and fur completely. Brush out as much as possible. Not only will this whiten your dog's coat, it will freshen her aroma.

Use baby wipes for those times you don't have access to cornflour or baby powder to whiten your dog. Simply go over your dog's white coat with several baby wipes to clean the surface of the fur and freshen up the dog's appearance. Baby wipes are especially useful for cleaning dog paws. Likewise, remove tear stains and brown staining around your canine's mouth with baby wipes.