How to Respond to a Good Performance Review

You can find many references on the Internet telling you how to respond to a bad performance review from your boss. The problem is that not all performance reviews are bad. There are many that are good.

When you have received a good performance review from your boss, you can respond in such a way that your next review might be even greater.

Show gratitude. Thank your boss for giving a good review for your performance.

Show humility instead of arrogance. Even though you may have already known that your performance has been "par excellent," don't act like you already knew the positive review was coming.

Show diligence. Although you are grateful for the good performance review, advise your boss that you will work hard to make your performance even better. This shows the boss that you are a great worker who is not complacent or content with being average, but always looking for a way to become better, which ultimately benefits the company.

Ask your boss for any areas you can improve in if she did not list any recommended improvement areas on your review. There truly may not be any areas that your boss can think of, but the fact that you asked says that you are truly concerned about your performance with the company.

Ask your boss whether or not your good performance review means you are getting a raise in pay. If you are getting a raise, you can ask the boss how much your raise will be and when it will take affect.