How to repair scratches in parquet flooring

As anyone who has ever watched a Boston Celtics' home basketball game can attest, the patterns of parquet floors can be eye-catching. Parquet floors are thin and hold up well against damage; but like any hardwood floor, they require maintenance. Another benefit: Their scratches can be relatively easy to repair. The method used to repair parquet flooring largely hinges on the severity of the scratch.

Draw over the scratch with a touch-up marker (or stick) made of wax. These markers can be found at home improvement and flooring stores.

Scrape away any excess colouring from the floor with a putty knife.

Buff (or smooth out) the area of the scratch with a cloth.

Mark off the scratched area with masking tape.

Remove the finish from the scratched area with fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe away any dust or grit with a brush.

Re-stain the floor with a stain that matches the colour of your parquet floor.

Apply a new finish and buff the floor. The finish used on parquet floors varies. Older parquet floors often have a varnish or shellac finish. Newer parquet floors are usually finished with polyurethane.

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