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How to Find the Toyota Paint Code on a Rav4

Updated April 17, 2017

Knowing how to find the paint code of your Toyota RAV4 will help you find the right match to repair damage to the paint on your vehicle. Paint, even in basic colours like white and black, can vary slightly from batch to batch and greatly between different manufacturers. If you purchase paint without knowing the code, you may still get a close match, but use the paint code for the most seamless touchups.

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  1. Open the driver's door on your RAV4.

  2. Look for a white label on the doorjamb.

  3. Examine the label. Underneath the barcode are several letter and number combinations.

  4. Find the code after "C/TR:" The first number-and-letter combination before the slash is the paint code. For example, if you see "C/TR: 3M8/LA17," then "3M8" is your paint code.

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