How to get a refund from mcafee

You are unhappy with McAfee's Antivirus package or you have found an alternative antivirus program. The McAfee program is uninstalled from your computer and you now want a refund of the McAfee fee you paid to keep the program's virus database updated and your computer protected from viruses and other harmful programs. Like other companies, McAfee does have a refund policy: You have to request the refund within 30 days of buying the McAfee program by contacting the company's customer service department.

Call McAfee's customer service department at 866-622-3911.

Press "2" for "Refund" on your telephone once the McAfee automated system starts providing you with options.

Speak to a customer service representative and tell him you would like a refund for the McAfee package you have uninstalled. He may ask you for the email address you used when first setting up the McAfee package. He may also ask you for the order number of the McAfee package. This number is with the original paperwork/invoice that came with the McAfee package.

Write down the customer service representative's name, any confirmation numbers he may give you and the estimated time of the arrival of your refund check on a piece of paper. Keep this information in case you don't receive your refund check and you need to call McAfee again.

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