How to send photos from my digital camera to my laptop

It is fairly easy to transfer photos from your digital camera to your laptop. You can erase them from your camera after you download them, or you can keep them on the camera's SD card, which is a postage stamp-size memory card. After you transfer your photos to your laptop, you can delete, edit, crop and save the photos. You can also upload them to a public website to share with family and friends or e-mail them privately. You can even print them at home or have them professionally printed by an online photo processing company.

Insert the CD-ROM that came with your digital camera and install the software on your laptop.

Hook up your digital camera to a USB cable and connect the other end to your laptop's USB jack.

Turn on your camera.

Pick a location for your downloaded photos when you see a pop-up menu. You can choose any location on your laptop, but the default setting is "My Pictures." Double-click the location to start the downloading process.

Watch your photos download to your laptop. When downloading is complete, disconnect the cable and turn your camera off.

Open the folder that contains your newly downloaded photos. Double click a photo to edit it within the photo editing software program. This is also the point at which you can delete photos you don't want to keep.

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