How to Change the Battery in a Ford Key Fob

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Remote entry offers Ford owners the option of convenience, allowing them to unlock the door with the push of a button. The panic alarm that comes with the remote entry feature not only can scare away perpetrators, but also can help you find your vehicle in a crowded car park. The key fob operates on a coin-type 3-volt lithium CR2030 battery. Like all batteries, eventually you must replace it.

Pry apart your Ford key fob by using a penny or another small coin and gently wedge the crack around the halves of the key fob. The best place to pry it apart is near the key ring.

Remove the old battery with your fingers, but take care not to wipe off any lubricant around the battery terminal wires.

Insert the new battery by snapping it into place. If you are unsure which way the battery goes in, look at the diagram on the inside of your key fob. The diagram will show you exactly how to insert the battery. Make sure to follow these instructions and snap the battery into place.

Put the two halves of the key fob back together by snapping them into place.

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