How to make fake water for a school project

School projects can be a fun way to learn and get creative. One common element in a school project is making fake water, say for a project on tidal waves, a castle with a moat, or anything about the ocean. There are a variety of ways that you can replicate the look of water and make your next school project dazzle.

Start with a thick piece of foam board. Using a craft knife, cut divots and ripples into foam board to replicate the movement of water. Spray paint your foam board blue and allow it to dry. Paint the tips, using white acrylic latex paint, to replicate ripples and waves in the water.

Use acrylic gel to make fake water. This is an easy-to-use medium that offers some brands that are made specifically for simulating fake moving water. Pour the gel into a pan and mould it into the shapes and waves you want, then allow it to dry. If you can't find blue gel at your local craft store, you can buy clear gel and dye it with food colouring.

Try using blue cling film for fake water. Just bunch it up and glue it to your project. You can also try applying clear wrap onto a blue background; glue it on loosely so that you can pull and move some of it around to simulate moving water.

Ask your local craft store if they have any "fake water" products. Many stores offer products made specifically for dioramas and school projects; ask someone at your local craft store for products or suggestions.

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