How to Transfer Pictures From Computer to SanDisk

SanDisk memory devices allow you to save and store files of different formats such as audio, word processing, photos and video. The devices range from memory cards to USB flash drives and vary in memory size. Transferring photos to your SanDisk memory card is a simple process for both PC and Mac users.

This allows you to download the pictures to another computer or print them at photo printing stations at local retail stores.

Connect the SanDisk memory card to the memory card slot on your computer if it has one. The computer should recognise the device. Depending on your computer, the memory card slot is either on the back or front. If you are using a SanDisk USB flash drive, plug it into an open USB slot on your computer. the computer should recognise the device.

Connect a card reader to your computer using a USB cable if your computer does not have an inbuilt memory card slot. Insert the SanDisk memory card into the card reader.

Double-click "My Computer" if you are a Windows user. You should see the SanDisk memory device listed as a removal disk. It is assigned a letter such as J, L, K. or G depending on your computer. If you are a Mac user, you should see the memory card removal disk on the desktop.

Double-click the SanDisk memory device on either operating system to launch it. Locate the pictures you want to transfer to the SanDisk and drag them to the opened memory device window. The pictures are transferred to your SanDisk memory device.

As an alternative, locate the pictures you want to transfer to your SanDisk memory device from the location (folders) they are stored on your computer. Right-click them and click "Copy." Right-click an empty spot on the SanDisk memory device window and click "Paste." The pictures are transferred to your SanDisk memory device.

Close the memory device window once you are done transferring pictures. Disconnect the SanDisk memory device from your computer.