How to Get Grant Money for an Elderly Care Business

There are a number of business opportunities involving elderly care. These businesses include elderly day care centres, errand services, and non-medical home services. According to National Adult Day Care Services Association, currently there are 3,400 elderly care centres that offer services to around 150,000 individuals. Some of these businesses get financial support from grants, and if you own or want to start such a business, you can too.

Identify the elderly care business type. There are health-oriented elderly care centres and social care centres. The former offer health-related services, including medical professionals on staff. They offer physical and speech therapies and some of them specialise in conditions like Alzheimer's disease. The latter facilitate socialisation activities and recreation along with basic health care.

Determine how much money you require for the business. By determining the exact amount of required funds, you will be able to provide accurate information on the grant application.

The agencies that deal with elderly-related grants are Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as Department of Health and Human Services. Upon locating the appropriate grant-providing agency, review the grant application provided. These agencies provide relevant grants to non-profit elderly care businesses. For instance, Family Eldercare has been awarded a grant of £0.8 million by the federal funds.

Your organisation might also qualify for Foster Grandparent program and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. For information on these grants, you can contact the Corporation for National and Community Service. In addition to the government agencies, you can also contact non-profit organisations that offer grants for small businesses related to elderly care.

Highlight the requirements and create a checklist for them. You must find out the exact format of the proposal demanded by the agency. The general format includes summary, introduction, objectives, methods and evaluation, and lastly, budget. Prepare a rough draft so you can review it until you find it flawless.

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