How to Make a Book Rest Pillow

A book rest pillow is great for enjoying a book in bed. The pillow elevates your book, eliminating the need to prop it up, which is especially helpful if you or a loved one is sick. The pillow has a strap to keep the book from slipping and has a handy bookmark always within reach.

This pillow is lovely enough to be displayed on a bed when not being used, and a simple design with the addition of vintage doilies or a dresser scarf makes it a thoughtful gift.

Cut two pieces of fabric 11 inches wide by 20 inches long to make up the body of the pillow. Place the doilies with a dresser scarf on the front of one body piece and pin down. Overlap pieces if you wish. Top-stitch the edges of the pinned doilies or dresser scarf.

Cut an 11-inch section of the ribbon. Center it on the top piece and pin one end to each 20-inch side. This holds your book in place. Cut a 9-inch section of the ribbon. This is your bookmark. Pin one end of the bookmark over one end of the 11-inch ribbon. Baste the ribbon ends to the pillow top.

Cut a 4-inch section of the ribbon. Fold each end over a 1/2 inch and press. Place the ribbon with the folded side down on an angle on the top left-hand side of the pillow top. Pin the folded ends. Top-stitch the folded ends to the pillow top. This ribbon is to hold your eyeglasses so they are within easy reach.

Place the pillow top on your table right side up. Position the other body piece on top with the right side down. Match the edges and pin. Sew around the pillow using a 1/4-inch seam allowance and leaving a 3-inch opening on the bottom edge for turning. Turn the pillow inside out and press. Stuff the pillow and hand sew it closed. Trim the end of the bookmark ribbon at an angle to prevent it from ravelling.