Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Buffet Table

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You want everything in your wedding to be perfect so you make sure to not miss any detail. From the bridal party to the flowers, everything should be consistent. You want to make sure all the tables at your reception are decorated and consistent with your wedding theme.

One table that cannot be left out is the buffet table, or your guests will see a gap in the wedding decorating that you worked so long and so hard to plan.


Add colour to your wedding buffet table. Match the colours to your weddings colour scheme. Cover the table in a full white tablecloth as a base. Add a thin, sheer layer of coloured fabric over the top of the white tablecloth so it slightly drapes over each side. Drape a swag of a heavier material along the front and sides of the table, pulled up in two or three places. You can also use simple place mats or cloth squares under each dish so each item stands out.


Adding dimension to your wedding buffet table can add character. By adding height and depth you can help make the table more interesting and visually appealing. The use of pedestals will help convey the theme you are portraying to your guests. The pedestals can be all the same style and colour or can be mixed and matched based on your wedding theme. Simple pedestals will make the contents of the table the focus; elaborate pedestals will make the table a focal decorative aspect of your wedding reception.


Flowers are a simple and easy way to tie the buffet table into the theme of your wedding. Make sure you are using the same type or same colour flowers as in your wedding. They can be incorporated in a number or ways. Add a simple vase with a small grouping of flowers on either end of the table, just in from each edge. Line the back of the table with different-size vases and fill each vase with a different-size grouping of flowers. Or, for a simpler approach, use a small amount of single flowers placed directly onto the white tablecloth instead of a vase.


Use other items to decorate your wedding buffet table based on the theme and time of year of your wedding. Place seashells or decorative leaves directly onto the tablecloth, or use candles in holders that match your wedding colours. Placing small ribbon curls and smooth pearlesque stones around the surface of the table will add a classy touch and can be found in any colour needed. You can also use small picture holders and frames to place pictures of you and your new spouse along the table.