How to get rid of blemishes on your legs

Whether from bug bites, razor burn or a skin condition, your skin can have blemishes. Being ashamed to expose you legs because of unsightly blemishes can be a real pain during the summer months.

There are treatments you can apply to your skin to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and diminish unsightly scars so you're not embarrassed to show of your legs.

Exfoliate gently with a cream body wash and a loofah to help remove dead skin cells so they don't clog your pores and cause blemishes. Avoid scrubbing the skin with a loofah, which may cause more damage to sensitive skin.

Avoid shaving your legs when you have goosebumps. Shaving over raised hair follicles can lead to razor burn and unwanted nicks.

Use a hypoallergenic shave cream designed for people with sensitive skin to avoid ingrown hairs.

Moisturise after shaving to keep skin soft and smooth. Even if you have razor burn, applying moisturiser rich in Vitamin E will help keep the skin hydrated, resulting in faster healing.

Treat ingrown hairs immediately by softening them with warm water soaks, which will help draw the hair out from within the skin. Apply antibiotic cream or ointment to avoid infection and scarring.

Talk to your doctor about persistent blemishes, which may be the result of a skin condition that can only be treated with prescription cream or medication.

Avoid scratching bug bites, poison blemishes or other skin irritations, as this could result in infection, spreading and permanent scarring.